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Best Schevaran Hand Sanitizer. upto 80% Alcohol for Optimum Sanitization against COVID Corona Virus. The product could be used as a spray to fog the room and sanitize. Viroff 753 is a fast evaporating alcohol based virucidal sterilant and a useful pre-surgical and potent hand and surfaces sanitizer for commonly touched surfaces like door knobs, handles, tables, railings etc.

Viroff 753 can be used as hand sanitiser as well as for surfaces and for deep sanitising through fogging. The product Viroff 753 Sanitizer, has been proven in Indian corporate market for many years. It is deployed in many IT parks, premium buildings, fortune 500 companies, government offices and many manufacturing units across India.

Viroff 753 is an alcohol based Sanitizers with Quats . Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds) is considered a high quality disinfectant (Also used as a Primary agent in Lizol). The alcohol % is 80% which is one of the highest among other brands and helps in sanitising fast.

Tested and certified AntiViral action against : Influenza, Dengue, Polio, Corona, HIV-1, Herpes Viruses.

Alcohol Content 80% v/v
Primary Compound Quaternary Ammonium
Physical State Liquid
Color Pinkish Red / Blue
Evaporation Rate No information Available
PH Value 7.0-8.0 @25C
Specific Gravity 0.80-1.00 g/ml @25C
Brand Schevaran