Spider Fly Catcher Hygienic Glue Pad Based Non-Toxic Patented Fly Killer

A Best in its Class World Renowned Spider Electric Fly Killer with Patented Technology. The Spider Glue Board Based Electric Fly Catcher works on a translucent cover that arracts insects with this special technology patented and manufactured by Brandenburg UK.

The machine uses a Glue Pad base to hygenically trap the flies and other insects. The product in display is a 45 Watt Flying Insect Killer Machine, which is ideal to trap flies, flying insects and other pests from your house, bakery, kitchen, restaurant, showroom, malls, etc. It is non toxic, safe, hygienic and does not give electric shocks when in use. It traps flies and insects inside on its specially formulated glue pad and is ver easy to clean. Gives out No Foul Smell or harmful fumes, which makes this machine odourless and noiseless in operation. Works silently and traps fly without any annoying noise. Best for High End Kitchens, Restaurants, Eateries and Bakeries.