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Spider Electric Fly Killer Gum Pads for effective fly treatment, The Glue Boards are laced with special formulated gum that attracts, traps and kills the Flying Insects in a safe and hygenic environment. Specially formulated glue on the gum pad ensures best fly control and hygeinically disposing dead insects.

The Fly Catcher Gum Pad is a versatile product and works with almost all Fly Catcher Machines. The Glue Board Pads are customizable as per client needs. Its easy to tear from tearlines to give it shapes for any kind of Fly Catcher machines. It is best for silently trapping and killing all kind of pests, flies and other flying insects. This is a replacement pad and is used best with Spider Electric Fly Killer Machines and Genus Fly Trapping Machine.

The Multipurpose Non-Toxic Glue Board for Trapping Flies, Genus Fly Board Pads are tearable to customize the size as per users need. The size could be changed by tearing from the tearlines.

For best results, replace fly trapping gum pads at regular intervals.

Country of Origin India
Colour Black
Material Paper Board
Width (mm) 280
Lenght (mm) 420
Thickness (mm) 1