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RR KABEL Copper 4 mm Flexible Wire of Single Core and 90mtr of Blue Colour. RR Firex LSOH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen Low Smoke Zero Halogen-LSOH Copper 4 mm Conductor cable is made of high grade electrolytic Copper 4 mm for superior conductivity of electric current. The Multistrand Copper Low Smoke Zero Halogen-LSOH with a Single Core of multistrand Copper 4 mm flexible house cable is perfect for institutional, home and industrial electrical wiring use. The property of the Low Smoke Zero Halogen-LSOH Insulation helps in superior protection and safety of your Home, Institution, Factory, Appliances and other Electrical Equipments.

Country of Origin India
Colour BLUE
Length (mtr) 90
Size (mm) 4
Number of Cores One
Pack Qty (Nos) 1
IS Standard IS:694
Insulation Material PVC
Number/Nominal Dia of Strand (nos/mm) 56/0.30
Current Rating upto (Ampere) 26
Insulation Property Low Smoke Zero Halogen