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Send the winter outdoors! In the heart of the winter when the temperature dips, how would a warm blow of air feel like? Comforting. This is exactly what this Morphy Richards OFR 9F Room Heater makes you feel. The oil-filled radiator with its additional PTC heater and fan with adjustable thermostat will make you quite forget about the winter. As you find comfort in the warm and mellow environment, take pride in noting that this oil-filled radiator, which is a superior type of a room heater is silent in operation and comes with a tip over switch that shuts the heater off to prevent shock or fire if it tilts more than a specified angle while in operation. The fans used in the OFR do not kick up dust in the room. Unlike as in traditional fan heaters, the unit of the OFR stays covered without exposing the heating element to any danger. The OFR continues to radiate heat for some time even after being switched off. That way, the room stays warm for a longer time. Moreover, with caster wheels and a mounting plate, it becomes easy to shift it across the room. It has a relatively low operational cost. What’s more, it is stylish and elegant, and with its premium looks, adds class to any room décor. 9 fins The oil-filled radiator with 9 fins and 2,400 watts of power will ensure that the warmth reaches the farthest corners of your room. The thin fins allow the heat to be transferred more rapidly from the heater into the room, raising the temperature in the room in just a few minutes. Autonomous power selector Morphy Richards room heaters balance the electric loads, and the power selector does that task flawlessly. It involves selecting higher voltage of two isolated power sources, and in the case of an unforeseen failure, the other will automatically supply the load with no delay in transfer, thus ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Adjustable thermostat The adjustable thermostat ensures that the room maintains the heat without any temperature fluctuations. Additional PTC heater and fan The additional PTC heater and fan that come along with this room heater serve as a blessing. PTC is a distinctive technology that does away with a traditional resistance wire and replaces it with ceramic stones or chips, which ensures a longer life of the heater, greater safety and lesser running cost. The fan serves to achieve that extra coverage throughout the room, heating it uniformly and making it hospitable. Castor wheels with mounting plate Castor wheels allow carting of the room heater from one corner to another conveniently, and a mounting plate allows the heater to be mounted at the desired height on a wall.

Cat No 290013
Product Warranty 2 Yrs
Brand Morphy Richards