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Disinfectant Rubber Mats for elimination of Dust, Virus, Germs, Bacteria and other foreign particles. Most effective for foot and shoe sole cleaning. The Rubber Mat Scrubs, Cleans and Sanitizes the Sole of Shoes, Slippers, Sandlas. Can be used with any disinfectant liquid or sodium hypochloride.

The mat comes with a 6 months warranty against crafstmanship defects.

Best useful for Schools, Shops, Malls, Restaurants, Homes, Offices, Temples and any other usage.

Direction for Use:

  1. First - Lay Base Mat on the entrance door of your workplace/ house, office or any other entrance.
  2. Second - Put Coil Mat in it keeping coil side on top.
  3. Pour Solution of 135ml of Sodium HypoChloride and 1350ml of water into it.
  4. Your Protection against Germs, Dust, Virus and Bacteria is now ready. Simply Wipe your feet with shoes on and walk inside.

For effective use keep changing liquid and clean the mat under fresh running water once a week. For heavy traffic replace liquid as per need.

Material Virgin Plastic
Size (in) 17X30