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Genuine ClO2 Card for protection against Disease Causing Virus, Bacteria and Germs. The ClO2 card is a very effective and popular product that can save you from getting infected by Major Virus, Bacteria and other Germs. The product releases slow concentrations for Chlorine DiOxide Gas that is safe for humans and kills 99.9% Germs in the air. Supported by research and medical certifications, the ClO2 disinfectent Chlorine Di Oxide Sanitizer Card could be worn in neck.

The product lasts for 60+ Days and gives protection all 24 Hours. Easy to wear around neck, the sanitizer card is best useful for elderlies, kids, office goers, daily commuters, bank officials, medical officials, shopkeepers and many other wide usage for doemstic, industrial and institutional staff.

The product saves the wearer from many kinds of illness caused by Virus, Germs and Bacteria including seasonal cough, cold and flu.

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