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BRAND Original Copper Flexible ADAD Wire of CORES Core and LENGTHmtr of XPXP Colour. The Copper Conductor cable is made of high grade electrolytic Copper for superior conductivity of electric current. The Multistrand ADAD with NUMBER Core of multitrand copper flexible house cable is perfect for institutional, home and industrial electrical wiring use. The ADAD - ADAB property of the XNX Insulation helps in superior protection and safety of your Home, Institution, Factory, Appliances and other Electrical Equipments.

Size (mm) XXXX
IS Standard IS:694
Insulation Material XNX
Number/Nominal Dia of Strand (nos/mm) DPDP/SSS
Current Rating upto (Ampere) LLLLL
Insulation Property ADAD - ADAB
Nominal Thickness of Insulation (mm) PQPQ
Approx Overall Dia (mm) MNMN
Conductor Resistance at 20C (ohm/km) MLML
Brand KEI Wires and Cables