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ABRO Disinfectant Spray Can 400ml

Best for pretection agaisnt Germs, Virus, Fungus, Bacteria. Can be used on any surface to disinfect them and make the surface clean of any disease causing germs. The anti virus spray kills and removed 99.99% disease causing germs, bacteria and virus from any surface, equipment, clothes, cars, keys, books, laptop, keyboard, mobile and any other item.

Even if you are reading or your wallet that carries cash from every source like grocery and medicinal stores, this could be a possible carrier of Virus, Bacteria and Germs. With AIPL ABRO Disinfectant spray can, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are always safe from diseases spread by Virus, Germs, Bacteria, etc. AIPL ABRO disinfectant spray sends coronavirus away and brings peace of mind closer.

The recommended method of usage:
Hold dispenser upright and spray 6 inches from the surface until the surface is wet. Allow the contents from the bottle to remain 3 minutes before wiping with a clean cloth.

Content400 ml
Scent/FlavorFresh Scent
Optimal Range6 inches