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ABRO CPG Grit 320 Craft Paper Gold Sanding Paper 50Pcs Water Proof Silicon Carbide Paper

ABRO Silicon Carbide Water Proof Sanding Paper is perfect for Sanding of various surfaces like Metal, Furniture and Decoratives. The ABRO Craft Paper Gold gives the most clear and smooth finish on major commercial and Industrial sanding projects.

AIPL ABRO Silicon Carbide Sanding Paper, Grit 320 Silicon Carbide Water Proof Abrasive Paper is a Gold category sanding paper, gives smoothest finish in least effort.

For Maximum Performance, please follow these steps

Usage Instructions:

  1. Always use correct grit number according to the surfaces to be sanded.
  2. Always store in dry area and avoid direct sunlight and heat.


Always wear safety glasses & government certified respirator appropriate for the material being sanded. Use only in well ventilated area. Follow Manufacturer's Instruction if a power tool is being used. Sanding of lead based prodcuts in non ventilated area may be hazardous.

Country of OriginUnKnown
Pack Qty (Nos)50
Width (mm)280
Lenght (mm)230