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When it comes to your house, undoubtedly there is nothing more reliable than the Rakshak range of Miniature Circuit Breakers. This is not just any ordinary MCB but a marvel in the entire MCB industry. Developed by a set of expert engineers in HPL s world class R&D labs with just one sole purpose in mind to protect you and your electrical equipments. It is designed to be the perfect defence system for your electrical equipments against overloads and short circuits. Its unique superior current limiting technology limits the flow of let through energy and helps rapidly extinguishing Arcs, thus ensuring the safety of wires, cables & equipments from damage.

Protect your Home, Industry, equipments etc with HPL Range of Best performance Miniature Circuit Breakers, MCB's.

Buy online at best rates 32 Ampere Single Pole with Neutral SPN MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker 6 kA B-Curve - Make HPL Rakshak

Ampere 32A
Number of Poles Single Pole with Neutral SPN
Curve Type B-Curve
Rated Voltage 230 V/415 V
Protection Class IP-20
Standard IS/IEC 60898-1 : 2002
Items in Pack 6
Breaking Capacity (kA) 6
Tested at CPRI